Who we are

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It all started with a playful bet!

Back then in 2013 we, a bunch of friends, had a boring weekend, those were the times when Facebook and YouTube started gaining popularity. We playfully had a bet to advertise ourselves on Facebook. The one who gets the most shares wins. Everyone did our part by self promoting us. We found a winner among us with 22 shares. But after a week, our posts were shared even by the unknown and crossed thousands! We earned more follow ups. That is when we realized the potential of Social Media and a new technique called "Digital Marketing".

From then on, we took this as a marketing business and helped in promoting the local businesses which also earned us a fair pocket money. We started exploring the tools and technologies to fine tune our skills. Few of our friends parted away to learn Business Management.

Our Journey

Our journey began in 2016

  1. 2016

    The Reunion

    The playful team reunited, but this time with mature ideas and thoughts to learn the skills of marketing in a digital platform and to adapt ourselves in a way to best suit the evolving technology environment. We took our areas of interest and began to work as freelancers in the learning due course.

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  2. 2018

    Setting up for Big

    Gaining ample experience from 2 years of freelancing, we've grown as professionals who can face any challenge thrown at us. We planned to start a company. We scouted for talents who are young, dynamic and passionate business minds like us.

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  3. 2019

    The Stepping Stone

    With talents scouted and all set we formed our organization with no funds but skills. Got our 1st big project as a branding partner. And then opportunities flew into us and we started growing in no time!

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  4. 2020

    Webamics Got its Wing

    Our offers grew bigger everyday and our right day came to name ourselves "Webamics" we, started as friends wanted to be the best friend for our customers so we named "Webamics" Amics means friends. We always treat our customers as our friends because friendship drove us to success.

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